[redacted], preventative medicine for your healthcare organization.

[redacted]’s Healthcare Security Services [HSS] are powered by a team of cybersecurity professionals with a combined 140+ years of experience protecting private and public sector entities.

American Hospital Association - Preferred Cybersecurity Service

The following [redacted] services are American Hospital Association Preferred Cybersecurity Services:

  • Healthcare Security Services (HSS)
  • Incident Response (IR)

Supporting executive leadership through security and risk challenges.

Our unique perspective combines healthcare operations with hands-on provider experience, ensuring our recommendations holistically address your security needs and patient experience. This team is an extension of your executive team, providing guidance on risk management, compliance, and operational security best practices.

[redacted]'s HSS team is at the forefront of the rapidly evolving cyber threat landscape and ever-expanding, dynamic regulatory environment. We understand how to create, validate, execute, and update a comprehensive security program that prioritizes your investments against specific security risks and ensures knowledge transfer to establish and maintain a robust and enduring security posture.

The goal of this service is to accelerate your desired business outcomes by maximizing your cybersecurity objectives with minimal clinical disruption.


A solution that flexes as your needs dictate.

Whether the requirement is a monthly allocation of technical expertise or a dedicated security leader to oversee a fixed, complex initiative, [redacted] provides the requisite level of security expertise only a seasoned security executive with supporting personnel could provide, tailored to your needs-at a fraction of the cost. Clients also benefit from the full set of [redacted]'s capabilities, including incident response, threat intelligence and attacker pursuit, as their needs change.

HSS offers critical architectural, operational, and leadership competencies.

Advisory Security & Risk Management
Board and executive-level communications Security architecture design and development
Strategic planning Policy, controls, and standards development
Budgetary management Vulnerability management and incident response
Compliance Security team development
Disaster recovery governance Security Product evaluations
Business continuity governance Third-party risk evaluations

Layered Defense… Orchestrated Response… Continual Awareness

Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Cybersecurity is a deliberate, ongoing exercise with internal and external aspects that require a holisticall approach. Implementing, monitoring, and maintaining the right tools with the right expertise is a daunting task for any facility, particularly facilities with limited rescoures. Outsourcing the entire process allows hospitals to address their security concerns through a single, trusted partnership.

[redacted]'s Managed Detection and Response (MDR) offering combined the company's state-of-the-art cloud-native platform and advanced services to address the full spectrum of cybersecurity needs for small to midsized Healthcare Delivery Organizations (HDO). [redacted] can easily address the concerns of HDOs that are utilitizing cloud-native, on-premises or hybrid networking solutions.

Layered Defense Orchestrated Response Continual Awareness
Cloud tenancy monitoring Customized detections 24x7 SOC
Active threat hunting Alert triage and investigation Quarterly planning sessions
Routing vulnerability scanning Automated response Weekly activity reporting
Workforce awareness and enablement IR readiness Quarterly reviews
Endpoint, network, and application monitoring Partnership with IT for remedies Immediate notification of critical events

When cyber attacks intersect with patient care, every second counts.

Incident Response (IR)

[redacted]'s IR teams apply nation state-level expertise and techniques to help our clients respond quickly, minimize damage and learn from an attack. From insider threats to ransomware, [redacted] prides itself on the ability to pivot as needed at a moment's notice to help minimize impact to our clients. This is a highly itimate partnering exercise, in which success is predicated on the ability to jointly decompose the incident phases of pre-incident operations, response activation, and post breach intentions. At our core, [redacted] is a security partner, not a security provider.

We engage with an agile mindset to rapidly test our hypotheses and adapt our techniques. We document and store our findings to preserve chain of custody. We act with urgency to ensure business continuity.

  • Preparation
  • Identification
  • Eradication
  • Containment
  • Recovery
  • Lessons Learned

Threats Evolve. So do we. So do our clients.

Incident Handling Services

When called upon, [redacted] can validate an existing IR plan or help create one as part of a maturing cybersecurity program. We break down each of the six elements of an effective IR plan and ensure our client's plan is comprehensive and considers critical interdependencies.

  • Isolation of affected systems, platforms, and networks
  • Triage
  • Identification / Verification
  • Categorization
  • Internal / External Coordination
  • Technical Aid
  • Eradication / Recovery
  • Operations, Maintenance and Monitoring of IDS
  • Post-Incident Consulting
  • Preventative Support
  • Training
  • Report Assessment
  • Third Party Analysis, Validation, Corrective Actions, & Reporting
  • Resolution

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