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[redacted] Makes [TIDE] Available to the Public for Testing and Community-Driven Extensibility

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[TIDE] is a binary analysis platform built by security practitioners for security practitioners. As an integrated piece of [redacted]’s cloud-native platform, [RIP//TIDE], which scales delivery of its layered defense services, [TIDE] automates the technical analysis of all files and immediately shares results with clients. By now opening the platform for public access, [redacted] is creating a modular ecosystem that greatly expands the volume of binary files available to search and explore.

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IST Announces New Funding to Combat Ransomware

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It is with excitement and gratitude that IST announces new funding support and acknowledges the key financial supporters of the Ransomware Task Force at the beginning of its second year

Press Releases

[redacted] Continues Leadership Team Growth with Appointment of Aaron Ansari as Chief Revenue Officer

[redacted], the mission-driven cloud defense company that levels the playing field against attackers, today announced the appointment of Aaron Ansari as Chief Revenue Officer. In this newly created role, Aaron will lead [redacted]’s sales and marketing organizations as the company continues its rapid growth and expansion.

[redacted] Appoints Jim Hansen as CEO to Drive Next Phase of Company Growth

Former Co-founder of Mandiant Brings Proven Experience in Executing Customer-Focused, High-Growth Go-to-Market Strategies; Max Kelly Elevated to Executive Chairman

[redacted] Makes [TIDE] Available to the Public for Testing and Community-Driven Extensibility

Company’s Innovative Threat Intelligent Detection Engine Enables Prevention-Focused, Continuous Incident Response

[redacted] Partners with ByteChek to Integrate Automated SOC 2 and HIPAA Compliance Into Tailored Cybersecurity Solutions

Partnership enables companies to significantly streamline compliance readiness assessments, completion of audits and implementation of findings for their mutual customers

[redacted] Recognized by Forbes as One of America’s Best Startup Employers

Cloud Security Company Named to Prestigious List for Excellence in Employee Satisfaction, Reputation and Growth

[redacted] Appoints Department of Defense Veteran Tim Kosiba to Lead the Company’s Government Expansion

Former Deputy Commander at the DoD to Forge Trusted Cybersecurity Partnerships with Federal, State and Local Government Organizations; Head Up [redacted]’s bracket f Subsidiary

[redacted] Unveils TIDE to Automate and Scale Delivery of Layered Defense and Orchestrated Incident Response

Expansion of Company’s State-of-the Art Platform Enables Prevention-Focused, Incident Response (IR); Lauren Pearce Joins from Los Alamos National Laboratory to Lead IR Practice

[redacted] Selected by American Hospital Association as Preferred Cybersecurity Provider for Incident Response Services

[redacted] Also Selected to be Preferred Provider for Package of Healthcare Security Services

[redacted] Brings Threat Intelligence and Incident Response Expertise to ISA Global Cybersecurity Alliance as Founding Member

[redacted], the mission-driven cloud security company that levels the playing field against attackers, today announced it has joined the ISA Global Cybersecurity Alliance (ISAGCA) as its newest founding member. The company will collaborate with fellow alliance members to explore ways to better secure automation and control systems that serve as the backbone of manufacturing and critical infrastructure.

Former NSA Deputy Director William Crowell Joins [redacted] Board of Directors

Cybersecurity Industry Veteran Brings Substantial Public and Private Sector Experience to Help Guide [redacted] Growth and Expansion

[redacted] Demonstrates Commitment to Customer Data Security with SOC 2 Certification

Independent Audit Verifies [redacted]’s Controls for Security, Confidentiality and Privacy

[redacted] Closes $35M in Series B Funding to Disrupt Adversaries and Hold Attackers Accountable

Former Facebook CSO, NSA and CIA Operatives Team Up to Level the Playing Field for Organizations against Attackers

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William Crowell’s Latest Foray: Cybersecurity Governance At [redacted]

Forbes.com -

[redacted] (the company’s actual name is [redacted], Inc.), a cyber defense company, has just appointed a former Deputy Director of the National Security Agency to the company’s board. William Crowell has been active in the field of public and private information security for decades

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Cyber Private Eyes Go After Hackers, Without Counterattacking

Wall Street Journal -

Companies hit by hackers typically limit themselves to playing defense to comply with a federal law against invading someone’s computer. But some specialist cybersecurity firms say they can pursue criminals without launching their own attacks. Most cybercrimes in the U.S. fall under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, a 1986 law that prohibits unauthorized access of computer systems. The law effectively places offensive cybersecurity actions solely in the hands of the federal government.

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Twitch is breached. MalKamak: a newly described Iranian threat actor. Chinese cyberespionage against India. SafeMoon phishbait. The ransomware threat. What counts as compromise.

thecyberwire.com -

Twitch is breached. A newly discovered Iranian threat group is described. A Chinese cyberespionage campaign in India proceeds by phishing. SafeMoon alt-coin is trendy phishbait in criminal circles. As the US prepares to convene an anti-ransomware conference, Russian gangs show no signs of slacking off. Betsy Carmelite from BAH on AI/ ML in cyber defensive operations. Our guest is Adam Flatley of Redacted with recommendations from the Ransomware Task Force. And observations on what counts as compromising material.

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How Insurers Play a Big Role in Spurring Cybercrime

MarketWatch.com -

Organizations with cyberinsurance are more than twice as likely to pay ransoms as those without, according to a global survey commissioned by U.K.-based cybersecurity and software firm Sophos of 1,823 companies, governments, health systems, and other organizations that had been hit by ransomware. This is one of the first times such data have been gathered that show the extent of the relationship between cyberinsurance and ransomware payments. Critics say that relationship helps fuel a ransomware economy that the federal government estimates causes $445 billion in damages to the global economy every year.

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Treasury Sanctions Russian Crypto Exchange

Infosecurity-Magazine.com -

The US Treasury has added a Russian cryptocurrency exchange to its sanctions list after claiming the firm helped facilitate ransomware payments for countless groups. SUEX is incorporated in the Czech Republic but reportedly operates out of Russia. The Treasury estimated that 40% of its transaction history is associated with “illicit actors.”

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Infamous ransomware gang REvil returns to the dark web

SiliconANGLE.com -

Infamous ransomware gang REvil has returned to the dark web, the shady corner of the internet reachable with special software, after disappearing in July amid pressure from the U.S. government on Russia to act on ransomware groups operating in the country. REvil, also known as Sodinokibi, was before its disappearance a prolific ransomware group linked to dozens of attacks. Its most high-profile attack before going dark involved targeting companies using information technology management software from Kaseya Ltd.

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Paying ransom should be your last resort, cybersecurity expert says

TechRepublic -

Paying ransom should be your last resort, cybersecurity expert says Some organizations can get by without paying in a ransomware attack, but others really have no choice, he says.

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Expert: Governments and businesses must come together to combat ransomware threat

TechRepublic.com -

Nations have to stop sheltering bad actors in order to stop them, expert says. TechRepublic's Karen Roby spoke with Adam Flatley, director of threat intelligence for Redacted, a cybersecurity company, about the future of cybersecurity. The following is an edited transcript of their conversation.

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Ransomware: Moving from defense to offense

zdnet.com -

Tonya Hall talks to Adam Flatley, director of threat intelligence at Redacted Inc.,about what has been missing in anti-ransomware plans.

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Ransomware: To pay or not to pay? That's the question

Zdnet.com -

Tonya Hall interviews Adam Flatley, director of threat intelligence at Redacted Inc., about the options businesses have when facing a ransomware attack

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BankInfoSecurity Advisory Describes Chinese Attackers' Tactics

bankinfosecurity.com -

Three federal agencies released a 31-page Joint Cybersecurity Advisory Monday that describes 50 tactics, techniques and procedures that Chinese state-sponsored cyberattackers are using to target organizations in the U.S. and allied nations. The Chinese attack techniques outlined in the report include exploiting well-known vulnerabilities in widely used applications, such as Pulse Secure, Apache, F5 Big-IP and Microsoft products.

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US State Department offering $10 million reward for state-backed hackers

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The State Department announced a $10 million reward for any information about hackers working for foreign governments. The measure is aimed squarely at those participating in "malicious cyber activities against US critical infrastructure in violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act." Officials said in a release that this included ransomware attacks targeting "critical infrastructure."

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Clop Raid: A Big Win in the War on Ransomware?

threatpost.com -

esterday’s noisy raid of the Clop ransomware gang in Ukraine was a major win according to most experts throughout the cybersecurity community, who said the moment marks a shift in the international war on ransomware. The raid, according to Ukrainian reports translated by eSpire analysts, included the arrests of six people in Kiev, the seizure of $185,000 in cash, a Tesla, a Mercedes and their computer equipment. Those arrested face up to eight years in prison, the records s

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US Warns Russia of Cyber-Attack No-Go List

infosecurity-magazine.com -

President Biden and his team have warned the Putin administration of 16 critical infrastructure entities that are off-limits for threat actors operating from Russia. The news came as the two leaders sat down in Geneva for a summit which Biden said was designed to ensure a “stable and predictable” relationship between countries following the turmoil of the Trump years.

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Redacted comes out of stealth with $60M in funding and a new take on fighting cybercrime

techcrunch -

Today a startup called Redacted is coming out of stealth with a different approach to tackling malicious activity — it applies threat intelligence, and then proactively goes after the hackers to recover data loss and disrupt their activities

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[redacted] Closes $35M in Series B Funding to Disrupt Adversaries and Hold Attackers Accountable

Businesswire -

Former Facebook CSO, NSA and CIA Operatives Team Up to Level the Playing Field for Organizations against Attackers

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After Nearly 6 Years, SMB Cybersecurity Provider Redacted Emerges From Stealth With $35M

Crunchbase -

San Francisco-based cybersecurity provider Redacted officially emerged from stealth with a $35 million Series B to help small and medium-sized businesses be more secure.

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