Incident Response Services

Cyber attacks only affect companies with deeper pockets, bigger assets, and more sensitive information. It won’t happen to our business. Until it does. 

And when it does, the incident response service team at [redacted] is ready to help. We combat the bad actors by helping you develop a customized response plan that includes collecting and triaging logs and artifacts from the impacted network and uncovering the root causes to help you improve your security posture in the future.

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Incident Response Experts

Our team of experts, with decades of experience in both private and public sector cybersecurity, performs deep technical analysis of disk and memory images, malware, and other sources of evidence. We help you create, rehearse, and communicate an effective incident response plan in the short-term and then boost your situational awareness in the long-run.

Experiencing a cyber attack should not be seen as an unlucky moment. Instead, it’s a wake-up call to the world we work in today. After the incident at hand is addressed, it’s time to prepare for the future. The incident response team at [redacted] is supported by actionable intelligence professionals, cybersecurity analysts, and specialists who make it their business to stay one step ahead of the criminals.

Incident Response Support for Smaller Organizations

Smaller organizations with limited security budgets can rely on [redacted] to provide incident response services only as needed, simply working to restore networks as quickly as possible.

[redacted] also offers a retainer agreement that allows our team to develop a long-term, intimate relationship with your organization. We meet monthly to discuss security issues, work to prevent potential problems, and smoothly resolve any incidents.

Behind the scenes, multiple teams at [redacted] have access to special data sources and can effectively search dark web data as requested. Our actionable intelligence team examines each client’s public-facing footprint for weaknesses and misconfigurations. We are constantly analyzing and synthesizing data, delivering only relevant information so that you can maximize the impact of your security resources. Whether [redacted] deploys our tools or you have sufficient visibility with your own, our primary concern is working with you to improve your security posture.

Actionable Strategy

Our team can help you gather training and education requirements, develop a curriculum to match them, and deliver the content. We mentor your students on an ongoing basis, developing exercises and scenarios and providing expert review and feedback. Our team is constantly on the lookout for risks and developing mitigating controls to address those risks.

A cyber attack is never a welcomed event, but if it jump-starts your long-term cybersecurity strategy, it can be an important turning point for your business.

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