Managed Security Services

Managed cybersecurity services is one of the most complex challenges for today’s businesses.

Keeping up with the evolving global infrastructure, increasingly sophisticated bad threat actors and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), and a growing list of vulnerabilities is more than a full-time job.

Diagram of Managed Security Services including events detected, alerts reviewed, high alerts, investigations launched, and security incidents found

  • Reduce your attack surface
  • Detect and respond to threats quickly
  • Avoid devastating attacks

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Expert Security Advisors

We know that your technology team has a full plate of mission-critical priorities. At [redacted], our mission-critical priority is fighting your cybersecurity battles. We bring a unique team of stellar experts to the table, sharing decades of diverse cybersecurity experience from both the private and public sectors, including U.S. federal government intelligence expertise.

Engaging the managed security services team at [redacted] is much more than simply outsourcing the monitoring and management of your cybersecurity systems and devices. It is, instead, a step through a gateway to our entire team of cybersecurity experts, ready to partner with you in creating a customized solution that addresses your most pressing security needs in the present moment.

While managed security services are primarily delivered by our Security Operations Center (SOC) team, this group is supported by cybersecurity engineers, dedicated actionable intelligence professionals, and incident response analysts. We monitor and detect 24x7x365 for suspicious cybersecurity events from in-scope technologies.

Our team creates specific rules that can correlate logs from multiple sources to detect potential cybersecurity events and enriches this information with insight from our actionable intelligence team. Events are triaged and analyzed; confirmed incidents are then raised and escalated as needed. In addition, our team follows best practices for detecting cybersecurity events and in maintaining detection platforms themselves.

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Managed Security Services from [redacted] may include:

  • Cybersecurity Event Monitoring and Detection
  • Cybersecurity Incident Response
  • Cybersecurity Platform Engineering
  • Phishing Email Response and Cybersecurity User Awareness Training
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Threat Intel and Threat Hunting
  • Cybersecurity Customer Success Manager

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