Penetration Testing Services

Government, industry, and insurance regulators continue to encourage or require periodic penetration testing as a means to reduce the risk of a cyberattack. There are dozens of pen testing vendors ready and willing to help you “check the pen test box” so you can get on with your business.

At [redacted], we don’t believe this bare minimum approach is sufficient—you deserve more. In fact, many of our customers have pitted us directly against our competition and, in every case, our security team has found everything our competitor identified–and much more. Why? Because at [redacted], we have a superior understanding of what the bad actors are doing. In fact, our security experts, with decades of diverse experience in both private and public sectors, make it their business to find the vulnerabilities before cybercriminals do.

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Our Customized Pen Testing Approach

[redacted] begins with a pen testing standards-based approach but takes it further to customize testing for each client. First, we work hard to understand your most valuable asset–your crown jewels. For some clients, that may be intellectual property. For others, it may be access to customer financial accounts or to a control system. Then we conduct the right tests for those high-priority vulnerabilities, including both cloud and on-premises software application testing.

Contacting [redacted] for pen test services connects your business to our entire organization, pulling in actionable intelligence, incident response, professional services, and other expertise as needed. We help you improve your security posture, ensuring that your team understands best practices when it comes to controls and configurations for your industry.

While many pen test vendors are satisfied with an annual transactional relationship, we strive to be a longstanding partner in your overall security journey. In fact, some of our clients initially engaged with our team as Series B startups, and we have been at their side as they’ve grown to become multi-billion dollar corporations.

We want to understand your organization intimately, helping you approach your periodic pen test requirement to focus on your highest-risk area. Bad actors may be exploring new ways to attack, but they are always motivated by the same things. Because cloud security experts are extremely familiar with their mindset, they can combine this knowledge with what they learn about your business year after year to help you continually improve your security posture in an ever-dangerous cyber world.

Penetration Testing Services from [redacted] may include:

  • Customized Penetration Testing
  • Mobile Application Testing
  • Cloud Assessment
  • Enterprise Email Security Assessment
  • Network / Application Vulnerability Assessment
  • Security Engineering Services

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