Virtual CISO (vCISO) Services

As a business operating in the 21st century, it’s inevitable that you will face cybersecurity issues. You may understand their importance but are uncertain of where to start or lack expertise in a particular area. Perhaps security issues come into question under a new state, federal, or international regulation. If you’re embarking on a merger or acquisition, you may be looking to minimize risk as people and systems are consolidated. Or you’ve just been breached and need remediation and future protection.

[redacted] is here to help.

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But you have the freedom to determine how to begin. Our current vCISO service offerings are:

  • 12-Month Advisory Engagement. [redacted] delivers a complete security package, beginning with an assessment and data collection, adding a comprehensive roadmap against your risks, and concluding with expert implementation and execution.
  • 3-Month Advisory Engagement. This package delivers the initial portion of the longer engagement, leaving the implementation and execution component to our clients.
  • Applicant Assurance. An add-on service that helps clients finalize senior hires to ensure that candidates are not only technically capable but a good cultural fit for the hiring organization.
  • Level One Intelligence Brief. An automated internet canvassing of publicly available information on a specific person or entity.
  • Level Two Intelligence Brief. A customized evaluation of the data discovered in the Level One Brief that puts the information into context and defines risk against your company.

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