Technology Cybersecurity Services

In addition to providing traditional cybersecurity services such as penetration testing, security architecture reviews, threat intelligence, and other tactical solutions, our expert team brings an attacker mindset to the table. This mindset means you stay one step ahead of adversaries, identifying signals and vulnerabilities before breaches can occur.

[redacted] applies years of experience from both public and private sectors and we know one size does not fit all.

Our experts can determine the most likely hacker behaviors for particular applications and software, enabling us to craft a customized solution for your business.

Illustration of information moving through a pipeline

A particular challenge for the technology industry, as illustrated by recent well-publicized cyber incidents, is the risk of bad actors gaining a foothold within the software continuous integration/ continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline. As technology companies work to develop code quickly to stay ahead of the competition, they can be vulnerable to this extremely dangerous attack vector that affects all client installations.

In this situation–only one flavor of software supply chain attack–a single successful attack can result in thousands of victims, affecting client companies’ infrastructures and significantly harming or destroying customer trust.

The team at [redacted] is well-versed to handle these highly complex, nuanced cyber risks for the technology industry.

Our collaborative workflow means our customers can tap into the expertise they need for their particular situation, whether they are seeking a simple pen test or a customized, multi-layer, comprehensive cybersecurity strategy.

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