[redacted] Makes [TIDE] Available to the Public for Testing and Community-Driven Extensibility

SAN FRANCISCO – June 7, 2022 – [redacted], the mission-driven cloud defense company that levels the playing field against attackers, today made its Threat Intelligent Detection Engine [TIDE] available to the public for testing and community-driven extensibility. 

[TIDE] is a binary analysis platform built by security practitioners for security practitioners. As an integrated piece of [redacted]’s cloud-native platform, [RIP//TIDE], which scales delivery of its layered defense services, [TIDE] automates the technical analysis of all files and immediately shares results with clients. By now opening the platform for public access, [redacted] is creating a modular ecosystem that greatly expands the volume of binary files available to search and explore.

“Since making [TIDE] available to our clients earlier this year, they’ve received tremendous value through our ability to quickly and easily share technical analysis with them in a structured, interactive manner,” said Matt Georgy, CTO at [redacted]. “Making it available to the security community at large not only exponentially increases the amount of information available to the community, it also enables us to deliver new unique capabilities including dynamic analysis, corpus search and discovery features, and push alerts based on user queries.”

The [TIDE] platform was developed in collaboration with one of the industry’s leading malware researchers, [redacted]’s Dr. Danny Quist. It examines the construct of binary files and uses machine learning to autonomously determine the modules to use for complete analysis. [TIDE] considers every piece of information, including hashes, malware detections, threat intelligence reporting and more, and produces a visual graph that traverses all data collected and analyzed for analysis by the researcher. Future versions will export analysis data via an API for integration into a variety of platforms.

[TIDE] is an essential component of [redacted]’s Continuous Incident Response solution, which is focused on attack prevention and loss mitigation. [redacted] approaches its engagements based on a philosophical assumption that every network is compromised. Through the [redacted] platform, the team looks at its clients’ networks from an attacker’s perspective, combining technical analysis with threat intelligence and alerting that is unique to their environments with a primary goal to prevent incidents, mitigate loss, and bring consequences to the attackers. 

Available free to [redacted] customers for independent research and analysis, public access to [TIDE] is available through a freemium pricing model. To learn more about [redacted] or to request a demo, please visit: https://www.redacted.com/.


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[redacted] is the mission-driven cloud defense company for organizations that want to level the playing field against attackers. Through its state-of-the-art platform [RIP//TIDE] and advanced threat intelligence and response, [redacted] uniquely partners with its customers to protect their businesses and disrupt adversaries. Founded in 2015 by a team with deep government and private sector experience and backed by Ten Eleven Ventures, Valor Equity Partners, Vy Capital, and SVB Capital, [redacted] is based in San Francisco, CA.



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