About Clayton Briggs

Portrait of Clayton Briggs

Clayton Briggs

  • Consultant, Advisory Team

Clayton Briggs is a Consultant with the Advisory Team at [redacted] and brings with him over two decades of security focused work. He has 15 years in the Federal sphere, focused on IT security and data confidentiality, integrity, and availability in overseas environments. He also has experience with relation to physical security measures in both private and public sectors. He brings experience/access as a Private Investigator as well to the team.

Clayton joined [redacted] in 2021 after 12 years of service in the Department of State (DoS) where he worked both overseas, and later as an instructor at their IT Institute in DC. In his public service with DoS, Clayton worked at US Installations across 4 continents and adapted to successfully execute programs and security policies within varied, and at times volatile, political/cultural environments. During his tenure with DoS Clayton was trained in Spanish, Indonesian, and Arabic.

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