About Julia Srienc

Portrait of Julia Srienc

Julia Srienc

  • Senior Consultant, Advisory

Julia Srienc is an experienced intelligence & risk management professional, with over a decade of cyber operations experience. At [redacted], Julia is a Senior Consultant in the company’s Advisory Team and also leads the Executive Managed Security Services (EMSS), where she provides tailored security solutions to high net-worth individuals.

Julia joined [redacted] in 2018 from the Intelligence Community, where she was involved in active cyber and human intelligence operations against Russian threat actors. Prior to her work in the public sector, Julia was a Cyber Policy Consultant for Delta Risk, LLC and the Cyber Conflict Studies Association, where she focused on enhancing public-private partnerships and facilitating bilateral and multilateral diplomacy on cybersecurity-related matters.

Julia has focused on cyber security issues affecting numerous industries from a variety of perspectives throughout her career and is fluent in Russian, German, and French.

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