About John Hering

Portrait of John Hering

John Hering

  • Co-founder, Board Member

Prior to co-founding [redacted], John Hering was the co-founder and CEO of Lookout, a global leader in cybersecurity technology based in Silicon Valley. Lookout protects over 100 million users globally including the world’s largest enterprises and the US Government across multiple agencies. John began his career as a security researcher with a focus on mobile and IOT technologies and contributed to the discovery of a wide range of critical security vulnerabilities.

John is widely recognized as a security industry leader and is a frequent presenter at conferences including DEFCON, Black Hat Technical Security Conference, RSA, and Mobile World Congress. John is a Partner at Vy Capital, an investment company with $1B+ in assets under management, which focuses on investing in fundamental technological change including Space Exploration, Quantum Computing, and Artificial Intelligence.

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