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Defense in Depth: Go Deeper

What is Defense in Depth? Simply put, defense in depth is the use of layers of security controls to protect a network. The best defense is a multi-pronged, layered defense, both on the physical battlefield and in the digital world. Cyber attackers have your business or organization under the microscope, waiting for a misstep or an easy access point to maximum damage. To get ahead of these potential threats, you need defense in depth (DiD).

How to Create an Effective Cyber Security Incident Response Plan

When your critical data is under attack, you don’t have time to waste. Incident response helps you respond effectively, and understanding the lifecycle is vital to a powerful defense. Formulating an incident response plan can be the difference between a quick resolution and significant financial consequences for your business in the event of a cyberattack. While you can start with the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)’s quickstart guide to incident response plans, we’ve created a complete explanation below.

The Incident Response (IR) Process & Lifecycle

Incident response focuses on how organizations deal with data breaches. Cybersecurity incident response plans work to minimize damage to systems and data in the event of a cyber attack, data breach, or outage. Having an effective incident response program is crucial for any organization to recover with minimal disruption in the event of an incident. Learn more about incident response and how to create an incident response plan. What Is Incident Response?

To Call or Not to Call (the FBI): That is the Question

On January 26, 2023, the Department of Justice (DOJ) announced that, following an extensive operation, the FBI were able to disrupt the Hive ransomware gang’s operations by distributing decryption keys to numerous victims mid-attack. It has been established that Hive’s victims included hospitals, U.S. K-12 schools, and other critical infrastructure entities. The question of “if” or “when” the victim of a ransomware attack should report and involve authorities comes up during every discussion involving healthcare incident response plans.

Healthcare Cybersecurity Grand Rounds: Six Steps to Deliver a Proactive Security Plan

On 04 October 2022 CommonSpirit Health announced a cyberattack affecting its system of healthcare facilities. CommonSpirit Health operates more than 1,000 care sites and 140 hospitals in 21 states, including CHI (Catholic Health Initiatives) Health and MercyOne facilities in Iowa. CommonSpirit reported on their website that the attack affected their electronic medical record (EMR) and CHI Health and MercyOne have notified their patients that patient portals, electronic prescriptions, and scheduling have been affected, with some procedures delayed.

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